Kentucky in October:
A Trip to the 2021 Southern Living Idea House

Photo by Tim Furlong Jr.
I can't recall a time I haven't eagerly anticipated the images from Southern Living's annual idea house.  As a teenager, before digital versions of magazines or social media were available, I would check the mailbox each day to see if my mom's copy was delivered.  And that hasn't changed now that I am forty-something....  The idea house is still such a thrill.  A thrill that took me and my husband seven hours from Greenville to Louisville, and oh what a treat awaited us.  
The announcement of the location and team, including the architect and interior designer, comes late winter and the project's completion comes by summer.  For the 2021 idea house, Brandon C. Ingram of Atlanta designed Riverbend and Sarah Bartholomew of Nashville brought it to life.  And I must say, the grounds are as lovely as the interiors thanks to Josh Myers of Louisville.  
Below I have shared some of my favorite rooms and spaces from the tour.  Enjoy.
Favorite Spaces
The study.
While this room was one of the smaller ones in the house, the ceilings were high and Bartholomew smartly made use of every bit of space by using an L
shaped sofa and one of the bookcases has a built-in desk.  Three windows flooded the room with natural light making the chocolate walls glow.  Feminine touches such as the trim on the sofa balances the richness of the color scheme and art.
Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
The Kitchen.
Blue and white is clearly timeless and often a 'go to' scheme in many homes.  How clever to incorporate it into the floors and add warmth with butcher block on the island top.  
The Butler's Pantry
Possibly my favorite space in the house.  The pantry runs parallel directly behind the primary kitchen and beautifully has space for grocery staples, small appliances as well as china and glassware.  Even an ice maker and small fridges were included here.
Some Favorite Spaces
Visions of blue.
A cozy nook right off the foyer to the study.
This gorgeous white trellis had a twin on the opposite side of the front of the house.  Such a beauty.
The Southern Living Idea house in Louisville, Kentucky is open for tours through December 19th.