Brian and Stacey Shamis

Backyard Bee started with Stacey Shamis's own backyard beekeeping venture. She became fascinated with the tiny, auburn bees that fly from flower to flower and their velvety, golden honey. One evening while enjoying some fresh clover honey and burning a candle, Stacey had the thought that a honey-scented candle would be “just lovely.” While her husband Brian learned how to make and pour candles, Stacey studied the terrior and difference in honey varietals. Backyard Bee candles are handcrafted from 100% premium soy wax using all cotton wicks, giving off the sweet scent of fresh honey.

Saving the Bees

Honey bees are our most essential pollinators. Nearly ⅓ of our food relies on pollination, and honey bees are the world’s largest pollinator. Vital to our ecosystem, honey bees face a series of threats in this evolving world. We support them by supporting local beekeepers with a portion of our sales.