Sweet as Tupelo Honey

Van Morrison said it best when he sang "she's as sweet as tupelo honey/ just like honey from the bee."  The white tupelo trees that draw beekeepers April through May can be found from the tip of South Carolina to the southeastern coastal part of Georgia on to the northern panhandle of Florida.  With this mysterious and unique terroir in mind, can’t you smell the jasmine, salty air, and sprawling ferns stretching across this region.

Tupelo Tasting Notes
cinnamon + butterscotch + nutmeg + floral jasmine + fruity pears


Tupelo Pairings
Sip on a glass of champagne or cava while enjoying tupelo honey drizzled over some aged Percorino.  Add some Marcona almonds for texture. 
And should you crave something sweet, drizzle a little tupelo honey over  pistachio ice cream.  


Tupelo Styling Tips
A fern, settled into an elegant urn or terra cotta pot, finished with some spanish moss alongside a sweetgrass basket of shells from a favorite family beach trip and a lit hurricane offer a mysterious summer look...  Play these favorites to deepen the mood.