The 2019 Southern Living Idea House

November 6, 2019

Since I was a teenager, maybe even before, I would impatiently wait to check the mail each day in early August to see if my mom’s Southern Living issue had arrived.  The waiting has gotten a bit easier over the years and with the introduction of social media.   Southern Living now offers sneak peeks through Instagram prior to the issue being delivered to your inbox, or for those of us who prefer to actually hold the copy in our hands- the mailbox. 

Southern Living’s first idea house dates back to the 1980’s.  For almost thirty years, a dream team comprised of an architect, builder and designer have been coming together to inspire our southern living. Throughout the house you will find fresh ideas and plenty of spaces to simply admire. Below are a few of my favorite spots across the house.

A place to gather…

A place to rest…


(a Backyard Bee candle would burn beautifully in these spots)